I-dea is a company established by a group of experts that since many years have been combining their forces with their own experiences in different fields by planning urban surrounding, lights, plants and networks.

Pushed by the need of a high independent planning, awareness about energy-saving, environment safeguard and light pollution, I-dea offers its own specific competences among our different professional figures. Thanks to this philosophy they are able to guarantee high quality, proper worth, safety, maintenance costs and saving.

I-dea Company has been so established:

means lighting because light is the very first material that allows to make things visible and clear.

means design, because we firmly think that space around us together with objects we daily use can influence the perception of our life.

means energy that should be used in the most sustainable and conscious way always trying to keep the reserves we have as environmental-friendly as we can.

means environment and surrounding: we think that we have to pay attention in protecting and sustaining the natural resources that mother nature gives as foundation of humanity future.

Light make visible all the materials, Design makes the everyday-life better.

Art does not reproduce the visible but makes visible.

Paul Klee (Artist 1879 -1940)

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They talk about us on "Luce e Design" of October 2017.

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The complete interview from which these images were taken was published in the magazine of LUCE E DESIGN, no. October 5, published by Casa Editrice Tecniche Nuove, Milan.