Inaugurazione illuminazione natalizia ENGIE in Piazza Scala We enlighten beauty.
Because we believe
in the value it evokes.
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i-dea_societàingegneria_ 2017- Riqualificazione Corso Trento e Trieste a Lanciano-CH Technology and passion.
Our work, your vision.
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in our work.
i-dea_società-ingegneria_Illuminazioen scenografica Torre Brera_01 Light is the first material. High tech content and high visual comfort.
Because with the right lighting, nothing will be the same as before.
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i-dea_società-ingegneria_2018 Riqualificazione illuminotecnica e scenografica della sede Hera di Bologna_04 Architecture as an
expression of values.
Creativity, didactics,
Light design is